About Us

About Us

Elsan was founded in London in 1924 by Ephraim Louis Jackson, an inventor and pioneer of chemical sanitation products.

Over the next 90 years “Elsan” became the generic name for the chemical toilet and the “Elsan point” is now the common reference for sewage disposal points at caravan sites and boat yards.

Today the company is a leading British exporter to all six continents with a specialist business supplying portable sanitation products to the Aviation, Rail, Coach, Marine and Canal industries as well as the Elsan fluids synonymous with camping and caravanning.

Elsan Septic Tank Care products are specifically formulated to maintain the biological performance of any Septic Tank System. They also adds micro-organisms that are not normally present in sewage to attack fat and grease and help keep the Septic Tank System and outflow drains free flowing.

For information on the full Elsan range visit www.elsan.com

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