Elsan Septic Tank Care Multi Action

Elsan Septic Tank Care Multi Action
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Key information

UK Delivery Only. For International Orders please call 01825 748200.
  • For use in domestic Septic Tank systems
  • Adds micro-organisms to encourage the decomposition of sewage
  • Includes new micro-organisms that will breakdown fat and grease
  • Attacks build ups that cause blockages
  • Prevents foul odours
  • Supplied as a pack of 12 water soluble sachets
  • Add one sachet per month by flushing down a toilet
  • For safety information see full details below.

Elsan Septic Tank Care Multi Action

A natural blend of micro-organisms that help protect your Septic Tank against the build-up of solid deposits, system back up and foul odours.

Elsan Septic Tank Care uses the processes found in nature to keep your septic tank functioning at its best. As well as adding bacteria to optimise the decomposition of toilet solids it also introduces carefully selected microorganisms, not normally present, that will digest fat, oil, and grease to prevent blockages in the system or the drain filed.

Elsan Septic Tank Care Multi-action is supplied in packs of 12 convenient Water Soluble Sachets for 12 months usage.

Using Elsan Septic Tank Multi-action

Simply add one sachet each month into a toilet and flush to the septic tank. This preventive action will help protect the system from unwanted build-up.

Safety Instructions

This product is not classified as harmful but as it is a toilet treatment we recommend you follow common sense guidelines.

Keep the water soluble sachet dry before use. Keep the tub sealed and store in a dry place. If contact is made with the powder in the sachet, wash immediately with clean water. If in eyes, rinse with fresh water. This product is not harmful but if any symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

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