Elsan Septic Tank Care Professional

Elsan Septic Tank Care Professional
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Key information

UK Delivery only. For International Orders please call 01825 748200

UK Delivery Only. For International Orders please call 01825 748200.
  • For use in Septic Tank systems connected to large houses, multiple buildings or attached to caravan parks or similar.
  • Usage can be varied depending on waste tank capacity and circumstances
  • Adds bacteria to encourage the breakdown of sewage
  • Includes unique micro-organisms not usually found in the system that will decompose fat and grease.
  • Attacks build ups that cause blockages
  • Prevents foul odours by maximising systems performance
  • Supplied in a re-sealable pack as 1 kilo of loose granules.
  • Supplied with a 10 gram measuring scoop.
  • For normal use add 10 grams for every 500 litres tank capacity once a month
  • To cure foul odours and blockages add 10 grams for every 200 Litres and use more frequently until problem is resolved.
  • When restarting an empty Septic Tank add 10 grams for every 100 Litres of capacity and spread granules across the tank.
  • For safety information see full details below.

Elsan Septic Tank Care PROFESSIONAL

A powerful range of natural micro-organisms specially formulated to feed large Septic Tank systems and for emergency use.

Elsan Septic Tank Care PROFESSIONAL has been developed to support the reliable operation of large scale Septic Tank systems and can also be used to help restart, rejuvenate and restore any size of Septic Tank.

The microorganisms contained in Elsan Septic Tank Professional come to life on contact with water. Specially selected micro-organisms will effectively degrade fat, oil, and grease as well as enhancing the decomposition of waste and organic matter that is held within a Septic Tank.

Using Elsan Septic Tank Care Professional.

For regular maintenance of large systems add 10 grams of powder to every 500 Litres of capacity once a month.

For remedial work, when the system is underperforming, add 10 grams of powder for every 200 Litres of capacity. Adding more granules will help quickly restore performance. This works by attacking build ups of grease, fat and solid waste and will also revitalise the bacteria that decompose sewage naturally.

If your Septic Tank has reached the point where it is almost full of solid waste (including crust and sludge) it will require emptying before you can properly restart the process. When restarting a newly pumped out tank add 10 grams of powder for every 100 Litres of capacity. Spread the granules evenly across the tank. This will help restart the natural decomposition process and also help clear any remaining surface and pipework deposits, particularly fat deposits.

Elsan Septic Tank Care Professional is supplied with a scoop. 10 grams of powder is approximately one level table spoon.

Safety Instructions

This product is not classified as harmful but as it is a toilet treatment we recommend you follow common sense guidelines.

Keep the tub sealed and store in a dry place. Keep way from children. If contact is made with the granules wash with soap and water. If in eyes, rinse with fresh water. This product is not harmful but if any symptoms persist seek medical advice.

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